To certain people, a great cup of espresso is different from a good cup of espresso and don’t you try arguing with them about that. If you fall into that group, you may like to control every aspect of the process called espresso making and you’ll love the La Pavoni Europiccola EPC-8 manual espresso maker for it.

Do It All Yourself

From selecting fresh beans to pulling the espresso shot with precisely applied pressure, are you sure you’re up to doing it all manually? There is a learning curve and quite a few wasted shots awaiting if this is the first time you’re attempting a manual espresso maker. Good thing it comes with an instructional video.

Exceptional Quality and Long Lasting Build

The quality of this beautiful Italian-made espresso maker is exceptional. It is heavy and sleek and everything else you may expect from a machine over $800. The chrome plating is so striking that you would without doubt want to leave this out on the counter top for all to see. Whenever you pull a shot you will feel with your hand the sturdy ease of a well-built machine.

The La Pavoni EPC-8 is not for just anyone who wants to drink espresso at home. You probably won’t get the perfect espresso with the first few shots unless you’re an experienced barista who has been pulling shots every day of his life. On the bright side, this means you may make espresso shots of different quality and intensity to find that perfect taste.

As an enthusiast of espresso machines myself, I own one of these beauties and you can bet every one of my guests is awestruck whenever I “perform” espresso making skills on it. But I must admit that I don’t use it to make my own espressos every day. I would settle for a good espresso using my reliable semi automatic or when I’m really pressed for time, an automatic.

I love how sturdy the parts are because that means the espresso machine isn’t going to break down any time soon. The EPC-8 can easily last for five years and more, and the best thing is that there are no electronics on it that will fail prematurely. You can be sure an espresso maker at this price has seals and miscellaneous parts that are wholly replaceable.