How can it be made easy for any office, cafe, hotel or buffet restaurant to serve free-flow espresso drinks quickly and in a fuss-free and mess-free manner? Simply get this super automatic espresso machine which is the best of its kind because with this Jura-Capresso Impressa J6, all you have to do is press a couple of buttons to get delicious espresso.

The Impressa J6 brews really good espressos too, as long as you use fresh beans (stale beans won’t get you anywhere). I remember the dark, crema-topped espresso that swirled richly in my mouth. This is your perfect espresso to drink just like that or to make lattes with.

The great thing about super automatics is that they are so easy to use for persons of all age. This manufacturer of this super automatic espresso maker takes an extra step to make the design really mindful of the user.

Programmable and Very Simple Setup

The setup of this espresso machine is as simple as plugging it in, adding water and beans to the tank and container respectively, and finding out what each button does. There are buttons on top of the espresso machine and on the front panel.

The best thing about this espresso maker, is that you can program your favorite drink and save it, so that it’ll be easier to make that drink again next time! Don’t worry, it’s not difficult at all although you’ll need to read the included manual. Even after saving programmed drinks, you can make any espresso drink on the spot without losing those saved drinks.

I also loved how thoughtful it is that this espresso maker has its water tank and espresso bean vessel removable from its side instead of from the top. This eliminates the concern for placing this espresso machine under wall cabinets. The machine will tell you when it’s time to top up the water or beans.

High Quality Built-In Grinder

With an espresso machine at this price, I had high expectations of the grinder that comes with it, so I was pleased to find that it was a burr grinder that works efficiently and quietly. Remember that dry and fresh beans have to be used to make great espresso and it’s important too so that the grinder stays clean.

It’s also possible to make espressos using beans other than those in the container. Just grind them in a separate grinder and use the pre-ground coffee funnel. After making the brew, a rinse will remove all traces of the brew so feel free to use flavored beans anytime.

Fast Brewing

It’s really fast to brew the drinks too, as you can make a couple shots simultaneously. Tall drinks can also be made. The Impressa J6 comes with two boilers instead of one, so there is no need to wait for the pressure to build up again before you can steam or froth the milk. This is how quick espresso drinks can be made, one after another, to serve many people.

A tip for making a tastier espresso: warm your cup before you make a shot. Just add hot water into the cup from this espresso maker and let it warm up for a couple moments, drain the water and make the espresso. This ensures that no heat is lost from the espresso when it goes into the cup, and it also preheats the elements in the machine before the brew.

Our J6 is being used in the office every single working day since two years ago and it is still giving us great espresso shots and drinks today with the total shots counting up to nearly 3000. We all loved the machine and keep it as clean as we could by rinsing regularly and descaling it as soon as it tells us to. Maintenance is really just as simple as that.

If an espresso machine that does it all from bean to cup is what you are looking for, go for the Jura Capresso Impressa J6. This low maintenance machine is worth its high price because you will be able to serve great espressos to as many people as you want, quickly and without fuss. Even if you do come across any problems, which has been none for us so far, the customer service is highly commended as helpful and friendly.

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