A pump espresso machine that is not too cheap and flimsy, yet not too high end as to burn a hole in the pocket, Gaggia Classic is the best semi automatic espresso machine for a first time buyer. It gives much value for money and is sturdy enough to last you until you’re ready to upgrade.

Very Solid and User Friendly

Gaggia Classic makes good espressos and is easier to use than the high end espresso machines. You may think it’s basic, but it serves its purpose and the build is solid with replaceable parts.

While the housing is stainless steel, the portafilters and grouphead are made of high grade brass plated with chrome.

“I’ve worked at two espresso shops with commercial machines, and the parts on this moderately priced Gaggia are nearly as heavy and substantial as the big multiple-thousands of dollars machines.” – Adapted from a review by Dominika Lepak.

Instantly Make Another Shot

The best feature of the Gaggia Classic is its 3-way valve, which practically makes this espresso machine a level above others!

Okay, I’ll explain. The one less attractive trait of a pump espresso machine is that it takes time to build up pressure after you have made one shot, but the Gaggia Classic solves this problem with the valve, allowing you to make another espresso shot right away.

The Gaggia Classic also heats up very quickly compared to many other espresso makers, which is great when time is ticking off the clock in the morning.

In any case, two shots can be made simultaneously with the Gaggia Classic if you like too. I have made as many as six shots of espresso in just five minutes.

Many have complained about the Gaggia Classic’s steam wand in the old version, but they have replaced it with a new design that is more consistent in its performance.

Use Bottled Water

The only downside to this espresso machine is the aluminum boiler. That’s not to say that it doesn’t perform well, but keep in mind that aluminum tend to corrode if you expose it to minerals in the water you’re using.

Try to avoid using hard tap water, and use bottled water instead. In any case, bottled water or distilled water makes your espressos taste better. To protect the boiler, the manufacturer says it’s better not to backflush the Gaggia Classic at all, and only to descale it annually.

Should You Buy It?

Go for this espresso machine if you are searching for a mid range, professional espresso machine to start off espresso making at home. It’s easy to use, makes great espresso and is not too expensive.

What are you waiting for? Check out the price here for the Gaggia Classic semi automatic espresso machine.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a budget espresso machine that is pump driven, you may like this espresso maker. Unless you are a serious aficionado, I wouldn’t recommend you a manual espresso machine.